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About The Rose Group Of Companies

For over 40 years, Rose has been amongst India’s leading luxury jewellery houses. Founded in 1981, the Rose Group started its business as a manufacturing jeweller for jewellers. Since then, the group has expanded its operations to go beyond manufacturing and B2B, into retail through stores and exhibitions. Through its foray into retail, Rose caters to a large clientele of national and international HNI patrons. Over the past two decades, the Rose Group has grown into one of India’s leading purveyors of jewellery, watches and lifestyle accessories.


Under the able leadership of Mr. Biren Vaidya, the Rose Group specialises in retail and is internationally recognised and accredited for its experiential luxury retail concepts. These include The Rose Salon (Mumbai and Delhi) & Rose: The Watch Bar. Currently, it has a portfolio of over 20 leading international brands that are marketed, distributed or retailed under its operations.

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The Seven Philosophies Of
The Rose Group

Hard work - our strength
Honesty - our practice
Humbleness - our equity
Happy to work - happier to achieve
Hundred percent and nothing less
Team effort - our power
Customer - our reason for being

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